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ConnectED Facilitators

Sheryl Nagels - Hamilton East School

Jude O'Neil - Hamilton East School

Glen McKay - Southwell School

Kate Horton - Endeavour School

Jane Macqueen - Rototuna Primary School

Jade Milne - Hamilton Junior High School

Peter Cowie - Vardon School

Our facilitators are fabulous, find out more about them below.

 Sheryl Nagels  Sheryl Nagels
Deputy Principal and Facilitator - Hamilton East School

I am one of two Deputy Principals at Hamilton East School, Kowhai (Junior) Team Leader and was previously a New Entrant teacher.  Hamilton East has been part of some form of ICT cluster since 2004 and I have had various facilitator roles.  I am passionate about ICT and using it to enhance, motivate and support learning. We have a strong blogging culture at Hamilton East - visit us at http://room4hes.blogspot.com/

 Glen McKay  Glen McKay
Facilitator - Southwell School

I am a Year 8 teacher at Southwell School and have been a facilitator for Connected for a number of years. Before moving to Southwell in 2013 I co-led e-Learning at St Andrews Middle School (now Hamilton Junior High) and was their e-Learning facilitator for a number of years. I enjoy incorporating new technologies into my class to motivate and challenge not only my students way of learning but my ways of teaching.

Class Blog - http://8gmc.blogspot.co.nz/


Kate Horton

Facilitator - Endeavour School

I am a foundation staff member at Endeavour School and am the team leader of the Middle School, as well as leader of digital learning innovation.  

Using digital learning tools to support learners of all ages across the curriculum is something that I am very passionate about. Establishing the effective use of social media to engage with our community has been my recent professional leadership focus. I enjoy working collaboratively with colleagues within the cluster and look forward to sharing ideas with you all. Follow me on Twitter @k_horty

Jane MacQueen
Facilitator - Rototuna Primary

I am passionate about making technology and social media accessible for teachers as well as students.
Troubleshooting is something I enjoy, helping to solve people's ICT issues while growing their ability to tackle challenges in the future is definitely something I like about this role. I look forward to continue to use social media to communicate ideas and success.

Jade Milne
Facilitator - Hamilton Junior High School

I am the science specialist teacher e-learning facilitator at Hamilton Junior High School as well as the e-learning leader for the school. I teach science to year 7 and 8 students mostly, but also year 9's and 10's. I enjoy interweaving new technologies into my science classes and encouraging other classes and teachers to do the same thing. I am passionate about using technology to enhance learning and how that actually looks and works within the class.

Follow me on twitter @science_milne

Peter Cowie
Deputy Principal and Facilitator - Vardon School

I am the Deputy Principal of Vardon School in charge of Y3-6. I have taught year 5-8 in both Waikato and international schools. My teaching interests are reading, maths, science and boys' education. His latest project is raising the profile of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects at Vardon School.