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ConnectED Governance

Erin Sawyer - Project Director

I am passionate about supporting learners to achieve their potential. I currently work from home while I raise my two little girls. I love being involved in the ConnectED learning community and providing Waikato educators with quality professional learning opportunities.

Myra Paton - Trustee
Principal - Vardon School

As the principal of Vardon School, I am excited by the opportunities available to teachers and students as they embrace the use of modern learning tools in their teaching and learning. Vardon School has been blogging for several years and we are now committed to implementing “Google Apps for Education” (GAFE). We are always eager to learn more and share our knowledge with the ConnectED community.

Tanya Thompson - Trustee
Principal Hamilton Junior High School

I have been a Principal for 3 years and a classroom/digital teacher for 15 years. I have taught from Y0 – Y10. I have been the lead teacher in the development and implementation of teaching as inquiry/action research as a method to enhance teaching and learning practices within our school and other schools. I am responsible for leading learning across our school and developing school wide curriculum alongside e-Learning at HJHS. I am also a regular presenter at Ulearn and Learning at Schools.

Mike Sutton - Trustee
Principal - Rototuna School

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 Jo Wilson
Educational Consultant, CORE Education

I am passionate about the opportunities that technology offers our teachers & students. When sound teaching and learning practice underpins the use of technology it generates a powerful learning experience.
In my role as a consultant, I enjoy working with many schools throughout NZ, in the areas of eLearning, strategic planning, school review, change management and curriculum design.

Pippa Wright - Chairperson
Principal Hamilton East School

I have been involved in whole school ICT development for many years and I am enthusiastic about learning through and with ICT to create powerful learning experiences . I encourage teachers to explore all the technology that is available and use ‘teacher inquiry’ methodology to improve learning and teaching. We as a team of teachers attend all the professional learning opportunities Connected Cluster provides in order to reach shared understandings and focus on what works best for our students.

 Marcus Freke - Trustee
Principal Endeavour School

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Here is a link to the HEDON Governance document.