Journeys with E-learning

Journeys with E-learning is a part of connectED which show cases and shares what some of our connectED members are doing in their classes with e-learning. In particular it aims to highlight how different tools actually work and look in the classroom. 


Jade Milne is a science teacher at Hamilton Junior High School where she teachers years 7-10 in a range of science subjects as well as dance and coding. She is also the connectED facilitator for HJHS and their e-learning leader. She is only a second year teacher but trialing some amazing e-learning tools in her classes. 

What e-learning tools are you currently using in your classroom and Why?

My students are currently learning about forensic science by solving a “real life crime”. When I envisioned the unit I wanted students to be working in small groups on individual tasks. So within the class some are analyzing fingerprints, some blood splatter and some on chemical identification.

This meant I could not be the “bearer of all knowledge at the front of the room” (nor do I like to be) but instead needed a way for each student to be able to access the information needed for their learning. So I created a google site to act as a “forensic” site for all my students to access through a QR code using the class iPad's.

I trialed the new google sites for this, and although took a little getting use to it’s a simple tool to use. Yes, it did take me a while to set up the site but I think it is well worth the time. I make the students tell me what they are learning and doing each lesson before going in the lab. So they have to look at both their WALTS and the google site to self-manage themselves. Students have agreed that they can’t ask “what am I doing?” because it’s all available for them online.

Feel free to check out the website I created here otherwise you can contact me by email at

How do you think it is impacting students?

I think they are empowered as learners! I have noticed some of the most disengaged learners thriving to do their work and solve the crime. They know they don’t need me to learn and have a much deeper understanding of what they are learning and how they are learning it.

What do the students think of it?

"Learning from the site is better because then we aren't sitting and listening we are reading it ourselves. Doing it myself makes me learn it better" - yr 7 student

"We get to learn how to do stuff like DNA extraction and it's fun. It's easier to understand with the site because it has videos and pictures" - yr 7 student

"It helps with my learning cause it makes it easier to find what you are doing and you don't have to search it up". - yr 9 student

"Scanning a QR code is easier than signing into my Google account" - yr 10 student

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