Film Festival 2017

Congratulations to all participants in the 2016 Film Festival! These are the winning films from 2016 year:

Top Film: ‘How the Waikato River began’

Second: ‘Drains are for Rain 2016’ 

Third: 'The Cancer Fundraiser'

Thank you to Wintec for helping with running workshops and judging the films!

Film Festival Information

Please visit our Film Festival site for more information.

Does it have to be a drama? 
It can be any type of movie you like. 
A documentary, animation, drama, action, black and white, comedy, music etc

What is the theme of the movie? 
The theme is Tell a Story so you should be able to come up with an idea that fits. 

How long should the film be? 
We are accepting films up to 3 minutes in length, no longer. 

When will they be shown and to what audience? 
We are having one viewing on the afternoon of the 10th November in the Southwell Auditorium. 
Times to be confirmed. 

How do we enter? 
Schools need to register their intent to enter a film by the end of Term 3 on the 
Film Fest Registration Form.

Who can put a film in? 
Films can come from primary or secondary students and classes. The films should be as much as possible made by the kids with their ideas and direction. 

How do we get our films to the organisers? 

We want to get the films in the best definition we can for the big screen so you can put the on a   
USB or contact Glen McKay (see below) for other options. We will accept most formats but mp4 
and avi are recommended. 

Send your disk or USB to... 

ConnectED Film Festival 
c/- Southwell School 
200 Peachgrove Rd 

Contact - if you want more information or help please contact Glen McKay at 

How long will the Film Festival run for? 
Maximum session time will be 90 mins - times to be confirmed. 
Number of films we can potentially host per session is at 3 mins per film is 20. 
Schools are required to have a selection process to enter their best films and ConnectED may need 
to select again if we receive more than 20 entries. 

All students who enter a movie that is shown at the festival, will receive a movie-makers badge. 
A ConnectED Movie Making trophy will be presented for the overall winning movie.