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Open Meetings 2017

We currently hold three Open Meetings a year and are held at a range of venues around the Waikato. The open meetings run in a collaborative and flexible manner, with rounds of table discussions on a wide variety of teaching and learning topics. The evening also consists of light refreshments and a great opportunity to network with other educators.

Open Meeting 1: Thursday 30th of March
Venue: Hamilton Junior High School
Time: 4:30- 6:30

Open Meeting 2: Thursday 25th of May
Venue: Endeavour School
Time: 4:30-6:30

Open Meeting 3: 25th of August
Venue: School School
Time 4:30- 6:30

Open meetings are free to attend for cluster schools (2 per subscription) and $20 for any additional attendees. Please make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to receive information on this!